Aspiring filmmaker Edith Adams is forced to turn her environmental documentary into a slasher film to secure funding.

Edith is an aspiring documentary filmmaker attempting to secure funding for a children’s film about plastic contamination in the oceans. She shops it around to various producers, but none are interested. Her awkward demeanour further hinders the pitching process.

On the verge of quitting, she meets an eccentric old Romanian producer. He says he'll fund her project, but only if she'll convert it into a slasher film – his specialty. Its title will no longer be The Adventures of Park Ranger Pete – it will be The Impaler, and will be filmed in Transylvania.

Edith and a small Romanian crew shoot The Impaler in Transylvania by a beautiful, remote lake surrounded by stunning wilderness. The shoot is a major test for her sanity and resilience, in which egos, irresponsibility, and environmental factors all make Edith's life hell. 

To survive the ordeal, she must summon previously hidden levels of assertiveness and confidence, and attempt to extract a performance from a method actor who insists on staying in character as the killer.

Australian filmmaker Dr Stuart McBratney has directed two feature films, a tv series, and around 500 tv commercials, with clients including McDonalds, Honda, Nike, Bombay Sapphire, and Canon. In 2018 he was awarded a PhD in Design from the University of Newcastle, Australia. Edith and The Impaler will be his third feature film as writer/director/composer.


I have killed peasants - men and

women, old and young, from Oblucitza to Novoselo, and made the Danube flow red with blood. My soldiers killed twenty thousand Turks by sword, and burned thousands more in their homes, leaving a trail of severed heads.


Good for you! 

Who would you be if nothing held you back?

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